Not everyone in Amarillo wears a cowboy hat, and that's OK! Polk Street contains many of the city's historic downtown buildings and homes. About 20 miles (32 km) northeast of Amarillo is the Canadian River, which divides the southern part of the High Plains to form the Llano Estacado. Homes range from $200K in tree-lined neighborhoods to $3.6 million in gated communities or sporting waterfront vistas on Amarillo Lake. The median age was 34.1 years. Locals always know the best eateries, but this is especially true in Amarillo. This table excludes Latinos from the racial categories and assigns them to a separate category. The Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument provides for a fascinating day of exploration. The meat packing industry is a major employer in Amarillo;[66] about one-quarter of the United States' beef supply is processed in the area. [117] McGraw would later become a regular guest on Winfrey's television show and subsequently started his own talk show, Dr. Phil, in 2002. Routes 60, 87, 287, and 66 intersected at Amarillo, making it a major tourist stop with numerous motels, restaurants, and curio shops. Boston, MA warning-7 F. The Palo Duro Canyon State Park is the United States' second largest canyon system, after the Grand Canyon and is located south of Amarillo. The range was discovered by pioneer oilmen. The last passenger train out of the city was the Santa Fe Railroad's San Francisco Chief, from Chicago, which had its last run in 1971. The park also houses the Amarillo zoo and offers picnicking. With a little bit of patience, one can find Tex-Mex restaurants, Asian stir-fry, and delicious burgers, all housed in nondescript locations. On August 30, 1887, Berry's town site won the county seat election and was established in Potter County. Current Time: 07:00:29 PM CST 19 Weather Alerts. The range was discovered by pioneer oilmen. The tornado, shortly after 8 pm, ripped through Amarillo's most densely populated areas, demolishing almost half of the city, causing catastrophic damage and loss of life. From awe-inspiring canyons to soaring mountains, Texas truly has it all. It had plush red carpet, murals, and a pipe organ, 1,433 seats, and was considered the finest theater north of Fort Worth. Spend a day strolling through the shops, including the Downtown Women's Center. The underground structures known as Amarillo Mountains are an extension of the Arbuckles of Oklahoma and the Ouachita of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Hispanics/Latinos can be of any race. Methodists and Pentecostals were the next largest Christian groups, followed by Presbyterians, Mormons, Episcopalians or Anglicans, and Lutherans. In the mid-to-late 1990s, the AEDC gained notoriety by sending mock checks to businesses across the country, placing full-page advertisements in The Wall Street Journal, and paying an annual $1 million subsidy to American Airlines to retain jet service. Venom plays their games at the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum throughout the summer. The Randall County Amarillo Annex building is located within the city limits and houses its Sheriff's Office and Justice of the Peace Court, Precinct 4. The large historic homes on this street were built close to downtown, and homes were located on the west side of the street as a symbol of status because they would be greeted with the sunrise every morning.[38]. Driving in some Texas cities can be brutal, with cars sitting for hours in concrete jungles. Amarillo is an affordable, vibrant, and growing community. The tallest peak is reported to be 2,500 feet underground in northeast Potter County under the Alibates National Monument. Palo Duro plunges into the Panhandle flatland like an upside down mountain range, and we spent the . The data shown is for information purposes only and except where noted, all of the data or features shown or depicted on this map are not to be construed or interpreted as accurate and/or reliable; the City of Amarillo assumes no liability or responsibility for any . [139][140], Amarillo is home to medical facilities including Baptist St. Anthony's and Northwest Texas Hospitals, the Don & Sybil Harrington Cancer Center, Bivins Memorial Nursing Home, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Texas Tech School of Pharmacy, and Texas Panhandle Mental Health and Mental Retardation. Freeways are easily accessible. The city commission holds its regular meetings on Tuesday of each week. The Amarillo area is an outdoor playground. Siemens Government Technologies also operates in Amarillo, providing technological solutions for infrastructure, energy, and healthcare. Climbing from the canyon bottom to the rim on the new Rock Garden Trail will test any rider's lungpower. The City of Amarillo is providing this information as a public service. In 1970, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Amarillo's population as 6.1% Hispanic and 88.5% non-Hispanic white. The footlights of Amarillo burn bright. Local civil rights attorney Jeff Blackburn took up the case of the Tulia defendants, which became a cause clbre and resulted in the exoneration and pardon of the defendants. [87] Outside of the building is a steel structure called the Helium Monument which has time capsules and designates Amarillo the "Helium Capital of the World. The underground structures known as Amarillo Mountains are an extension of the Arbuckles of Oklahoma and the Ouachita of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Nate Blakeslee. [103], The United States Postal Service operates the Amarillo Main Post Office. In many cases, taxis are the least expensive option. Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, opened in 2006, houses the Amarillo Opera, Amarillo Symphony, and Lone Star Ballet concerts. [133] As of 2003, the city still has 16.2 miles (26.1km) of brick streets in some parts of the downtown area. Singer Lacey Brown of Amarillo advanced to the top 24 in season 8 on the hit show American Idol. [129], Buffalo Airport is a public-use general aviation airport located in Randall County, 9 nautical miles (10mi; 17km) south of Amarillo's central business district. The facility opened in 1940 and was renamed in 2005, honoring the 18-year-old Amarillo Marine who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. It's always a fun time looking up address or cities and seeing them from a satellite point of view. [131] The Union Pacific Railroad also sends substantial shipments to or through Amarillo. [17] Heavy rains almost flooded Berry's part of the town in 1889, prompting more people to move to Sanborn's location. Amarillo sits at an elevation of about 3,600 feet. Some of Texas' most prominent companies are established in Amarillo, fueling the job market. [118] The 1997 murder of Brian Deneke and subsequent trial also brought national attention because it highlighted social divisions in the community that mirrored those in America as a whole. In the Texas Legislature, the city is in the 31st District in the Texas Senate, represented by Republican Kel Seliger, a former Amarillo mayor. It sits 123 miles north of Lubbock, Texas, on I-40, also known as the iconic Route 66. [110], According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 23.3% of all adults aged 25 and older have obtained a bachelor's degree, and 85% a high school diploma or equivalent from 2016 to 2020.[59]. It is the 14th-most populous city in Texas and the largest city in the Texas Panhandle. Amarillo's water supply used to come from both from Lake Meredith and the Ogallala Aquifer. Sunny weather prevails year-round, with nearly 3300 hours of bright sunshine annually. Another natural landmark near the city, the Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument is located 30 miles (48km) north of Amarillo. The city operates Amarillo City Transit (ACT) for localized bus transportation. The Amarillo mountains are really a thing, and they're kind of confusing. These signs, bearing messages such as "Road does not end" or displaying a random picture, are scattered throughout the city of Amarillo. Wonderland Amusement Park is one of the best things to do for families in Amarillo. Much of the area around the city includes working ranches. County, state, and federal representation, Exhibit at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum at Canyon. Loop 335 circles around Amarillo in all four directions and consists of four-lane roadway on its northeast and southwest quadrants and two-lane paving to the southeast and northwest. The Potter County portion had the nation's largest natural gas reserve. The tornado touched down southwest of Amarillo, near the town of Hereford, then tracked its way northward, on a collision course with Amarillo. I-40 stretches, east to west, 177 milesjoining together many smaller Texas Panhandle towns. The Texas Pharmacy Museum claims to be the only Texas museum specialized in the research, collection, preservation, and exhibition of the history of pharmacy, is also located in the city's hospital district. Now located on Interstate 40, The Big Texan Steak Ranch is famous by offering visitors a free 72ounce (2kg) beef steak if it (and its accompanying dinner) is eaten in under an hour. The consortium consist of public, college, and school libraries located in the Texas Panhandle that share resources and cooperate with one another. It is considered by many as a mecca for culture and creators not just a stop off of I-40. She was a ranch historian and radio personality. The downtown part of the city was initially designed to be a grid pattern, providing numerous alternate routes to any location. And don't forget the 806's "Southwest So What" festival each March a counter to Austin's SXSW Music and Film festival. The trial was moved from Fort Worth to Amarillo in 1977 on a change of venue. The airport is served by several major air carriers with non-stop service to Dallas, Houston, Austin, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas. By 2011, lake levels had dropped so much due to the Texas drought that the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority voted to stop using it entirely. Considered a regional airport, Amarillo International accepts flights from three commercial airlines-Southwest, United, and American. I'm still trying to wrap my feeble brain around this. Fair questions. No fatalities were reported. Many of them found employment at the nearby Iowa Beef Processors plant. The Amarillo City Transit bus is scheduled Monday through Saturday, 6:20 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Amarillo City Transit (ACT) closes for major holidays. The city played a part in the plot of the episode, as it was a location used by series protagonist Jimmy McGill to solicit clients.[127]. Exhibit at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum at Canyon, TX states that the underground structures known as Amarillo Mountains are an extension of the Arbuckles of Oklahoma and the Ouachita of . While the mayor serves as a presiding officer of the commission, the city manager is the administrative head of the municipal government and is responsible for the administration of all departments. Wonderland Amusement Park is located in northern Amarillo at Thompson Park, named for Ernest Thompson. That doesn't mean that Amarillo doesn't have mountains. The English Field Air & Space Museum, which had been operated by the Texas Aviation Historical Society featuring aircraft and space exhibits, in 2007 closed its doors and lost many of its aircraft. Cable television is primarily provided by Suddenlink Communications. A popular Americana bar, Leftwoods is a favorite spot for those 21 and older. I immediately thought of cowboys and cattle trails as I drove closer. Interstate 40, the city's major eastwest thoroughfare was completed entirely through Amarillo in November 1968 across the center of the city. The Tri-State Fair-PRCA Rodeo and supportive industries remain major employers within Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. The racetrack is associated with the United States Racing Association (USRA), and events run from April through September. And, as the stars come out, this quiet little city comes alive. In 2020, there were 76,778 households with an average of 2.57 people per household. Two airports serve the region. During April 1887, J. I. Berry established a site for a town after he chose a well-watered section along the way of the Fort Worth and Denver City Railroad, which had begun building across the Texas Panhandle. An estimated 15.4% of the population lived at or below the poverty line. ACT has no plans to scale back any of their transit routes or services.[67]. [61] Baptists made up 40.2% of the Christian population and Catholics were 13.3% of the local population. Whether changing jobs, in search of unique adventures, or as a new place to settle down, the quiet streets of Amarillo have high growth potential and more than just a little elbow room. About 100 miles (160km) southeast of Amarillo in Briscoe County is Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway, the state park is the home of the official Texas State Bison Herd, who were captured and taken care of by cattle rancher Charles Goodnight. Christie's version, which only managed to reach 18 when originally released in 1971, made it to the number 1 spot in the UK Singles Chart in 2005 for 7 weeks. Reminder That Spring And Summer Are Close From Community Market, City Of Amarillo Went Live With Survey; Not Sending You Spam. [32] Since its conception in the 1990s, Center City has sponsored public art projects and started block parties in the downtown area. The World Championship Ranch Rodeo sponsored by the Working Ranch Cowboys Association is held every November in the Amarillo Civic Center. A furnished studio apartment ranges from $650 to $750. Golfing is a staple in Amarillo, with 12 public and municipal golf courses located within 20 minutes. The city is also the location of headquarters for the Texas Cattle Feeders Association. "[11] Near the proximity of the Discovery Center, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens has gardens, indoor exhibits, and a library for visitation throughout the year. [75], Amarillo has a number of natural attractions near the city. The chief city of the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo is located on a sandy playa, or dry lake bed, and the tawny colour of its soil lends the city its name (Spanish: Yellow). To put it simply, we honestly don't know much about what's underneath us. Does Ghost Of A Betrayed Wife Really Haunt This Texas Airport? Amarillo is known as "cattle-feeding" country. Think about ice ages, volcanic eruptions, earthquakesand not to mention the Texas panhandle wind that I'm pretty sure could blow a mountain over on the right day. This is above the national average. Palo Duro Canyon State Park, 30 miles southeast of the city, offers hiking, biking, horseback riding, and zip-lining. For a more traditional exploration of art, residents can spend a day browsing the Amarillo Museum of Art's showing of international photography, sculpture, and murals. [10] According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 90.3 square miles (234km2), with 89.9sqmi (233km2) of it land and 0.4sqmi (1.0km2) of it (0.50%) covered by water. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 90.3 square miles (234 km2), with 89.9 sq mi (233 km2) of it land and 0.4 sq mi (1.0 km2) of it (0.50%) water. [70][71] The AEDC is largely responsible for bringing Bell Helicopter Textron's development of the V-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft and the future site of Marine One assembly in Amarillo. In 1913, Amarillo became the first Texas city and the fifth in United States to use the council-manager form of municipal government, with all governmental powers resting in a legislative body, called a council (before 2014, it was called a commission). [30] Similar to many towns in the Texas Panhandle, the city's downtown has suffered economic deterioration throughout the years. [130], Local transit services in the city have been available since 1925 and have been provided through the City of Amarillo's Amarillo City Transit (ACT) department since 1966; before that time the system was privately owned. The roads and highways also name many areas or neighborhoods, such as "Route 66" or "The Loop.". May have tunnels that go to the Pantex plant but I've never been out there as it is under security and monitored by camera. Drive The Loop. These vintage postcards of Palo Duro Canyon are a true look into the past. [126] Amarillo was the setting for many motion pictures, including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Switchback 1997, and The Plutonium Circus, the 1995 South by Southwest Film Festival winner for best documentary feature. The theater group's two facilities, the Mainstage and the Adventure Space, are located west of Amarillo's downtown. Have you ever heard of the challenge? [104] Other post offices in the city include Downtown Amarillo,[105] Jordan,[106] Lone Star,[107] North Amarillo,[108] and San Jacinto.[109]. [8] The Amarillo-Pampa-Borger combined statistical area had an estimated population of 308,297 as of 2020. New homes and luxury communities pepper the area. The locals cheer, "Fangs Up!". Other notable radio stations around the area include the college stations KACV-FM 89.9 (Amarillo College), Active Rock KZRK-FM (107.9), and KWTS-FM 91.1 (West Texas A&M University) in nearby Canyon. Medicine is a growing profession in Amarillo. And the Harrington Cancer Center Complex is an expanding specialized medical complex that operates in conjunction with Texas Tech University. Are you thinking about moving to Texas and considering Amarillo? [47] Amarillo is also recorded as the windiest city in the U.S. by the Weather Channel. Amarillo metropolitan area 268,691 (Census 2020); in 1890 population was 482. The underground structures known as Amarillo Mountains are an extension of the Arbuckles of Oklahoma and the Ouachita of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Roller coasters, including the Texas Tornado and the Mouse Trap, will have you screaming in fear or delight. The second airport is Tradewind Airport (TDW), a privately owned public-use airport in Randall County. In the final settlement, the City of Amarillo agreed to pay $5million in damages to the former Tulia defendants; disband the Panhandle Regional Narcotics Task Force that it set up to oversee the sting operation; and require early retirement for two Amarillo Police Department officers who were responsible for supervising the sting's sole undercover agent. Living in Amarillo is easy. The role of the commission is to pass ordinances and resolutions, adopt regulations, and appoint city officials, including the city manager. [94] Randall High School (part of the adjacent Canyon Independent School District) plays its home games in Kimbrough Memorial Stadium in Canyon, as well as the yearly Clinton Invitational horseshoe tournament. Severe thunderstorms can produce damaging straight-line winds, large hail, tornadoes, and flash flooding. Welcome to the City of Amarillo's Interactive Web Maps. The first Mrs. Thompson, May Peterson Thompson, a former Metropolitan Opera singer, was involved in the arts while in Amarillo and later when the couple lived in Austin. One of the telling trends in Amarillo is the growing number of thrift shops inexpensive stores elevated by hipsters to trendy boutique status. Amarillo is also mentioned in the song "Route 66". In contrast, the Amarillo Little Theater spotlights local plays and talent. [119] The movie Bomb City is based on the events surrounding Deneke's murder. The Lone Star Football League team Amarillo Venom and the NAHL Jr. A hockey team, the Amarillo Bulls both play in the Amarillo Civic Center. West Texas A&M University features a full slate of NCAA Division II teams; however, Amarillo College is one of the few community colleges in Texas without an athletic program. [121][122], On May 5, 2020, Amarillo ranked 13th in the nation for Highest Average Daily Growth Rate of COVID-19 cases by the New York Times.[123]. He authored the first state school loan programs for returning World War II veterans and college students. Pulitzer-prize-winning author Mark E. Neely, Jr. was born in Amarillo on November 10, 1944. But, the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum is also home to the North American Hockey League team, the Raging Bulls. New York: PublicAffairs.